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overview of unlawful uses of content and of your rights

Copyright is a complex legal term, which most people don’t fully understand. This leads to significant and frequent illegal usage of copyright-protected material online. We are here to help content creators take control of their content and understand their rights as copyright owners.
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Misuse of online content

What constitutes misuse/illegal use of images?

Almost all images are copyright protected! So if you have taken a photo, made an image in photoshop, or created an image in some other way, it is copyright protected and you are the copyright owner. Only the copyright owner of an image has the right to publish it and uploading images counts as publishing it. Essentially, all that means that any online use of an image needs permission from the creator before it is uploaded. Any upload of a copyright protected image is seen as a publication, and, if it is done without the permission of the copyright owner, it is misuse.

Uploads of copyright protected images you own, without consent from you, may make you entitled to compensation.

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